How it works

We at Page and Scroll Publishing, LLC take a less traditional approach to publishing while using the tools that have been made available to independent authors. Things like KDP and B&N Press are invaluable tools that should be utilized for low cost publishing. With Page and Scroll we follow a path of self publishing with our authors putting their books up for sale on these popular websites. We then use these websites as printers to get physical copies to be placed in stores. 

Why choose Page and Scroll?

Many times independent work is not taken as seriously as work that is represented. That is why P.S. Publishing uses it's legal status as a registered business to allow our authors to legally state that they are represented by a publishing house, but leaving the decisions regarding their work in their hands. If signed with P.S., you as an author will be able to place our logo on your book, raising your professionalism in the literary world.

P.S. charges an extremely small fee per book sold for the use of their logo and Limited License Legality. This is on a purchase/pay basis. If you do not sell any novels, you don't pay anything. This small fee will allow us to work for YOU. This means finding book stores to give you shelf space, access to help with formatting and editing and advice for publishing through these public platforms.

What else is Page and Scroll doing?

Besides signing authors and promoting them to get their work to the widest audience available, we at P.S. promote all independent and small authors by featuring them on our Instagram page (@pageandscrollpublishing) to try and get their work out to as many people as possible.